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Our programs meet and exceed the highest national standards in Service Dog training. We all have first-hand knowledge of the effects of PTSD and better yet, our trainers are the best of the best – active or retired police or military K9 handlers with many years of real world experience, and a full understanding of the battles that brought you to us.

Service Dog Program
Service Dog Program

This is an advanced program for Veterans who need a fully trained and certified Service Dog that allows access to all public places as defined by ADA federal law.

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Companion Dog Program
Companion Dog Program

This is a more basic program for Veterans who don’t need a fully trained PTSD Service Dog, but would benefit from a well-trained, four-legged companion.

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Why dogs?

Dogs have coevolved with humans over the past 5,000 years by making themselves useful to us, and in turn receive shelter, food and care. Dogs seem to be able to read our minds, having developed the capacity to discern the most miniscule changes in our mood and behavior. A perfect example is the working dog for patients with seizure disorder, where they detect and alert to the approach of seizures long before the patient becomes aware of it.

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After Action Report

Our Veterans, In Their Own Words.

Before I got Clara, I was struggling with life after three deployments as a combat medic. Crushing guilt about soldiers I had lost in combat slowly turned into a vicious cycle of anger, alcohol and depression. I lost all sense of purpose and was truly without hope. Initially, I was not happy about my family connecting me to K9sOTFL. I did not want to be a walking billboard telling the world that I was broken. Then I noticed how Clara just seemed to know what I needed to ground me and keep me in the moment. Soon I was going out to stores again and I even smiled. We both worked hard and graduated. Clara has saved my life in many ways and she is like a fellow soldier that now has my six and gives me the confidence to move forward and be successful. K9sOTFL has given me so much of my life back and asked for nothing in return. They are always right behind me, so I can stop running and avoiding, and instead become healthier and happier every day.

Timothy Jacobson

US Army

I am proud to report as of right now I have made Dean’s list twice consecutively now with a GPA of 3.6. I have never done this well in school and I do believe much of that focus and ability is in major part from all your help and support, as well as the day to day support I get from my service dog. Theo has helped me through some very difficult times in the past couple of years and has been a constant light in my day. He and you have really proven that it just takes one step and one friend to help make a brother’s or sister’s life easier to manage. I am now entering my third year in the civilian world and I don’t think I would have made it this far without you.

Benjamin Chamberlain

US Marine Corps

I was mentally sliding downhill and not willing to lose everything. Building a bond and relationship with Max as my battle buddy has taught me how to reconnect socially and emotionally, and to feel less isolated. With every success I feel a sense of pride and achievement, because I taught him and he taught me how to get there. Having a service dog seems intimidating at times, like it's broadcasting my mental state for the world to see and maybe judge. The world doesn't matter, though. Max is the one that has my back no matter what. I think he's the best risk I've ever taken. Thank you K9s on The Front Line, you changed my life.

Sara Nicholson

US Army

For years I stayed by myself, it was my comfort zone, but it led to isolation and serious depression. Angel has given me the reason for getting out of bed. Her unconditional love has given me hope. When I first met K9sOTFL, I really didn’t know if I could be around that many new people and I remember looking for the exits. From the beginning everyone has been warm, loving and caring. This kindness was hard for me to process. Each week of the course gave me more confidence, each week I felt more connected to the K9sOTFL family and it was great to be with other veterans. Angel becoming a service dog has given me a sense of pride. I look forward to getting out of bed now. K9sOTFL’s program has given me the ability to significantly decrease the medications I had been taken for many years.

Walter Richard

US Navy

Having Magnum in my life has given me my freedom back and lets me be in control of my life instead of my PTSD. I am now able to travel, enjoying time with my family, and I am emotionally available to my children again. Even after the program ended for me, K9sOTFL has stood by me and my family on a moment’s notice. Unexpected problems got solved, great advice has been given, and personal tragedy was overcome thanks in part to my K9sOTFL family. I can always count on them, thank you.

Bernard MacFarland

US Army

Thank you Team K9sOTFL for giving me this lifesaving opportunity. Leo and I have become a heck of a team; my Battle Buddy keeps standing watch. He has become a part of me and an extension of me. Leo has helped me better myself and my life. I have seen such a change in he and myself, I feel like a part of me is missing when he is not by my side. This is a precious gift and has helped me in so many ways, more than most people realize and that many will never understand. To my Brothers and Sisters who know exactly know what I am talking about, don’t be afraid to reach out.

Bob Higgins

US Army

When I reached out to K9s on The Front Line I had lost all hope, not realizing that only one week later I would be introduced to my new best friend Goose. After receiving Goose, I noticed instantaneous change, and for the first time in ages I had something to think about other than my PTSD related anxieties. I had someone watching my back from all the worries that would overcome my daily life tasks. This dog has not just improved my life but my family’s well-being, too. I have little to no crowd issues when he’s by my side and he can sense when I’m having a bad day. Living is something I can now enjoy with my family, instead of being overwhelmed by guilt and regret. Thank you K9sOTFL!

Jonathan Biddle

US Army

It may sound over the top, but
in some ways, it is a matter of
life and death. I’ve been to the
edge with my thoughts. Dawson
helps to center me, or find a
place where I am not as numb.
He is trained to sense my trigger situations and settle me down.
In stores, he will sit behind me to provide the additional personal
space I need in lines. Dawson is
just a fun partner and he keeps it light.

Raymond MacGregor

US Air Force

This organization is amazing. I graduated and it really does make a difference. No more panic attacks that sent me to the ER. I can leave the house without fear or hesitation. Rebel made my life become a lot better, I don’t know what I would have done without K9sOTFL.

Kevin Angell

US Army

I am a Vietnam Vet and spent two tours in Nam. I have struggled for many years with PTSD, and was planning on being one of the 22 Veterans per day who choose to end it rather than keep living it. I was taking pills to go to bed and
taking pills to get through the day. I
found K9sOTFL and after only 12 weeks with my dog I don’t take pills anymore. I look forward to getting up each day and I don’t have nightmare anymore. Thank you K9sOTFL for giving me a new life. God bless you all.

Herman Wright

US Army

They gave me a new best friend and gave me my life back. If I am down and my mind is in a bad spot, she knows. She lifts me up and makes it feel okay... like I’m allowed to have a bad day and she’ll still be right there with me.

Jared Reichel

US Army

I graduated from the K9sOTFL program just before Christmas, and I take less anxiety medicine every day. I don’t even bring an emergency stash with me when I leave the house. I get into my truck and feel calmer knowing Paddy is with me. We completed this program together and I would be in a much darker place without him.


US Army

Prior to having JB, my life was pretty lonely. I didn't leave the house except to go to my VA appointments. I have not felt much connection to the world around me for the last 10 years. Since my retirement, my health had been in a constant downward spiral. Getting my health, focus and motivation back had only been a dream, until I connected with K9sOTFL…...I was blown away! I felt like the universe was saying ‘Paul you asked for this, you need this, so here you go, the rest is up to you’. I was ready for things to change, to get my life back and so much more. I am eternally grateful for finding K9sOTFL and completing their amazing program, and making new friends for life. This program is making a huge difference in the lives of Veterans.

Paul Bernard

US Army

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