Our Process

K9s on The Front Line offers two distinct and separate programs, at no cost to the Veteran:

(1) An advanced program for Veterans who need a fully trained and certified Service Dog that allows access to all public spaces as defined by ADA federal law. A minimum of 240 training hours and 60 public access hours over a period of 24-26 weeks and passing the AKC+ requirements comprised of CGC, Urban CGC and CGC Canine tests. In addition, Veteran and Service Dog need to demonstrate proficiency in at least three specific tasks the K9 will provide to the Veteran. Re-certification after one year, and then every other year is required. To learn more and to apply, download our SERVICE DOG Application Form and Checklist and follow the instructions.

(2) A basic program designed for Veterans who don’t need or desire a fully trained PTSD Service Dog, but stand to benefit greatly from a well-trained, four-legged battle buddy and companion, particularly when home alone or at night. This companion dog program will span approximately 8 weeks and 75 training hours, graduating with the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate. It does NOT, however provide the privileges reserved for Service Dogs and you must comply with all rules and expectations applicable to a pet family dog. To learn more and to apply, download our COMPANION DOG Application Form and Checklist and follow the instructions.

A woman trains a PTSD Service DogK9s on The Front Line provides their services to military Veterans with PTSD and/or TBI whose invisible wounds are connected to having served in combat or military conflict zones. Our program meets and exceed the highest national standards in Service Dog training. We allhave first-hand knowledge of the effects of PTSD and better yet, our trainers are the best of the best – active or retired police or military K9 handlers with many years of real world experience, and a full understanding of the battles that brought you to us.

Once we receive your application and review it, our team will contact you and make sure we fully understand your specific situation. We will then meet you to discuss further details and have any questions answered. You are also welcome to visit one of our ongoing Veteran classes. We will then explore what temperament, size and type of dog you desire and need. Our team will then find the best possible K9 candidate for you, with your input. We consider Veterans with an existing dog to be trained as their future Service Dog, in select circumstances only, and after passing tests for suitability by our police K9 trainers.

Both programs feature classes of 4-6 Veterans that are held once a week for two hours, at varying locations, and strive to accommodate everyone’s schedule. You are required to keep a training log and record a minimum of 2 training hours daily, in addition to providing enough exercise. K9sOTFL is committed to our growing family of Veterans and our trainers are available for any follow-up you may need. We encourage you to help others and sustain the program.

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