Our Process

K9s on The Front Line’s team is particularly proud of our process and training program, which facilitates cost-effective operations and superior outcomes. Many of our staff have first-hand knowledge of the effects of PTSD and have experienced the intimate process of tailoring each dog to the individual’s needs. All our trainers are the best of the best – active or retired police K9 handlers with many years of real world experience.

Once we receive your application and review it, our team will contact you and make sure we fully understand your specific situation. We then would like to meet you, either at your home or a public place in which you are comfortable. This will give you the opportunity to learn more about our program and have any questions answered. If possible and desired, we will invite you to visit one of our ongoing classes.

There are two separate paths from this point forward:

You currently don’t have a dog.

In this case we will discuss with you what temperament, size and type of dog you desire and need. Our K9 trainers will then search for and find the best K9 candidate for you.

You already have a dog at home and would like this dog to become your service K9.

You already have a dog at home and would like this dog to become your service K9. In this case, you will bring your dog to one of our K9 trainers who will test and evaluate suitability for our program. If your dog passes, you are all set.

Should your dog not pass you have two choices:

(a) not pursue our program any further, or (b) accept another dog into your home that our K9 trainers select, where your existing dog remains a pet and the new dog will be your service K9. Several Veterans have chosen the latter option and are very happy with the outcome.

After you and an appropriate service dog candidate are paired, the two of you will then undergo 16 intense weeks of training. All our trainers are experienced police K9 handlers with the ultimate expertise in dog training. Small classes of 4-6 Veterans are held once a week for two hours, or twice a week for one hour, at varying locations. We will schedule the classes so everyone’s schedule can be accommodated. You are required to keep a training log as you need to put in a minimum of 120 additional training hours at home. This means you need to train your dog for at least 1-1.5 hours daily, in addition to providing enough exercise and care.

Once fully trained, your service dog will have established the lasting bond and mutually beneficial relationship that will forever change both of your lives. We have a deep commitment to create a family of everyone who receives a service dog through our program. It doesn’t end with our program but might only be the beginning of your new life where we all support each other and have each other’s back. Our trainers are available for any follow-up you may feel is needed, and we encourage you to help others achieve the success you’ve experienced, and thus, sustain the program.

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