Mission Accomplished

“It may sound over the top, but in some ways, it is a matter of life and death. I’ve been to the edge with my thoughts. Dawson helps with anxiety and to center me, or find a place where I am not as numb. He is trained to sense my emotional trigger situations and respond by climbing on my lap and settling me down by nuzzling me. In stores, he will sit behind me to provide the additional personal space I need in lines. He has high energy and kind of gets me up when I need it. Dawson is just a fun partner and he keeps it light.”
Raymond MacGregor with K9 Dawson and his family

U.S. Airforce

“When I transitioned out of the Army I didn’t feel like I had a purpose or direction, coupled with pretty heavy anxiety and depression that went on for years despite traditional therapy and a plethora of medications. Everything fell into place after I got Q and I really didn’t realize that he was the catalyst for it right away; everything snowballed from there. A second chance, it really is, and an incredible gift I’ll be grateful for the rest of my life. It’s a rebirth almost, but different because you are getting back to who you wanted to be yet you see everything through fresh, new eyes. Thank you to the entire team of K9s on The Front Line for giving me my life back, thank you for giving me my future, thank you for giving me my family back.”

Jeremiah Church with K9 Que and his wife

U.S. Army

“I’ve been through the VA for therapy and they tried all kinds of medications. Since I’ve gotten Boss it is the first time that my blood pressure has been normal in ten years. My heart rate is down and the only difference is him, no medication needed. I’m enjoying exploring things with him, I am enjoying living. Boss came from Georgia, where he was set to be put down. Fortunately, K9s on The Front Line snatched him right out of that kill shelter, one week before the ‘expiration date’ listed on his papers.”
Kim Powers-Candelmo and K9 Boss

U.S. Navy

“I lost a lot of friends in Viet Nam and it was [Tet] 68.  It’ll be 50 years in Feb 2018. My biggest trigger is getting behind a diesel truck.  It takes me back, I have found it makes a difference with Seven. He knows that if I get behind a diesel truck it bothers me, so he starts barking at me to distract me from my thoughts. I can honestly say that PTSD doesn’t go away entirely, but the team at K9s on The Front Line definitely understands it and they have been the biggest help I have had with it. Thank you K9s on the Front Line, best thing to happen in my life.

Your Brother,
Norman Newell

ret. U.S. Army"

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